The NPPL Microlight Licence and Training

The NPPL with a Microlight rating is a licence allowing the holder to fly microlight aircraft. To obtain the licence the candidate must be able to fly a microlight in a safe and confident manner and understand both their own and their aircrafts limitations. Our training syllabus is designed to cover all the skills and knowledge required.


Flying Training: Pre and post flight actions. Ground handling. Air experience flight. Basic turns. Use of pitch control. Use of power. Straight and level flight. Climbing and descending. Take off, circuit and landing. Stall recovery. Advanced turns. Spiral dive recovery. Unusual attitudes. Power failures and emergency procedures.

Consolidation of skills during solo flying to a minimum total of 15 hours flying time, to include a minimum of 7 hours solo flying, and which may include the General Flying Test for a Restricted licence.


Cross country training to a minimum of 25 hours total flying time, with a minimum of ten hours solo flying time, with a minimum 3 hours solo cross country flying completing two solo cross country flights of 40 nautical miles or more. The total minimum may include the General Flying Test before applying for the Unrestricted NPPL (Microlight).


A Restricted licence is initially a solo local flying licence, which includes weather restrictions. The restrictions are lifted on completion of the unrestricted licence training requirements.


Ground Training: The candidate must pass written, multiple choice, exams in the following subjects:

  • Aircraft technical - Part 1. Navigation. Meteorology. Air Law. Human Performance and Limitations.

  • Aircraft technical - Part 2. An oral exam usually taken at the same time as the General Flying Test.


Although at first glance the flight and ground training syllabus requirements may seem daunting your instructor will lead you through, building your ability and knowledge, so that even the most apprehensive of you will take the final tests in your stride.


Converting to the NPPL (Microlight) from other licenses

The requirements for holders of licenses issued to allow them to fly aircraft other than microlights may have some exemptions from training for the grant of a NPPL (Microlight). The current details are available from the NPPL website

Getting Started


You can have your first lesson in our aircraft by booking an Air Experience flight during which you will be able to take control of the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor. The flight time counts towards your Licence training. Following your first flight you can arrange further training to suit your availability.