Flight Instructor (Restricted) : FI(R) Courses

Courses are arranged to suit individual timetables and the schools other training constraints, please call to discuss.

FI(R) Course Pre Entry Requirements

Prior to the commencement of the course the CAA require that you :

Have held a PPL (A) Microlight or NPPL Microlight licence for a minimum period of 8 months, and must hold a Microlight licence without operational limitations before starting the FI(R) course. 

Have a minimum of 100 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) of which 40 hours must be on Microlights including at least 5 hours PIC on the Type of aeroplane (i.e. Fixed wing or Flex wing) to be used on the FI(R) Course.

Pass a pre-entry written examination and Flight Test conducted by a Microlight Flying Instructor Examiner (FIE) or a Flying Instructor Course Instructor (FICI) within the 6 months immediately preceding the date of commencement of the course.

The Pre Entry Written Examination and Flight Test 


The written examination is in the form of a multiple choice paper. The questions are all within the Microlight syllabus but they go into a little more detail & depth. I recommend that you are fully conversant with The Microlight Pilot's Handbook edition eight by Brian Cosgrove before the examination.

The flight test is similar to the General Skills Test (GST) but the standard required will reflect experience gained since the original test. 


The FI(R) Course


An approved course must comprise of no less than 40 hours ground and 15 hours flight training under an FIC Instructor at a CAA approved Flight Training Organization (FTO). The course is intensive and therefore necessitates long days with additional evening study. With this in mind the recommended option is to stay in local accommodation for the duration of your course, which can be arranged for you.


The Initial FI(R) Test

A pass is required in a theory and flying teaching test with a Microlight Flying Instructor Examiner (FIE). A suitable FIE can be recommended at the time.


The Cost


Pre Entry Written Examination : £40

Pre Entry Flight Test : at hourly rate plus £90 fee

FI(R) Course in School Aircraft (Thruster) : £4250    

FI(R) Course in Own Aircraft : £3600    

Course Books : £60 approx


The FI(R) courses include only the minimum of 40 hours ground school and 15 hours flight training.

Any extra hours required over and above these will be charged at £40 per ground school hour, £144 per flying hour in school aircraft or £99 per flying hour in own aircraft. Additional hours are often required over and above the minimums to cover any necessary extra tuition or bad weather. 



Please allow yourself sufficient time to revise for the Pre Entry examinations.

Also, remember to bring your PPL, current Medical Certificate and Log Book with a current Certificate of Experience. 

A deposit of £1000 is required to secure the dates for your course. The course fee balance is payable on the first day of the course.